Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Amanuensis Monday -1787 North Carolina Land Record for Abel Lanham

State of North Carolina
Know ye that we have given and granted unto Abel Lanham a tract of land containing two hundred acres lying and being in our County of Green lying on Bent Creek the waters of the Nolychucky [sic] River. Beginning at a stake on William Rupert’s line thence North one hundred and one poles[1] to a white oak thence West two hundred and sixty poles to a stake on John [?] Alan’s line, thence South one hundred and forty six poles to the Beginning. To hold to the said Abel Lanham his heirs and assigns forever. Dated the 20th September 1787.

[1] A pole was the British term for a linear or square rod.  A linear rod was 5.50 yards (16.5 feet).

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